Beyond Ordinary Deliciously Different

Come in and purchase your artisan cupcakes 5 DAYS a week

7085 C Ave (in Bowman Woods) Cedar Rapids, IA

Tue - Fri: 9:30 am - 6:00 pm  Contact us to arrange orders for early pick up

Chocolate Raspberry Royale: Rich chocolate cake, red raspberry filling, chocolate truffle frostingSat: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

 319-294-BAKE (2253)  or  319-431-5388

 8 Unique cupcake Flavors Available  In Store Every Week!!

$2.75 per cupcake or buy more and save money!

Short on time? Call 

                            ahead and place your cupcakes (based on our current in store menu) on hold for same day or next day pick up



Available This week:

Tuesday, May 15th - Saturday, May 19th

Loaded Carrot Cheesecake: Spiced carrot cake loaded with pineapple and pecans, cheesecake baked inside, with cream cheese frosting

Lemon Explosion! Fresh lemon cake, lemon filling, cream cheese frosting

This ā€œNā€ That: Rich chocolate cake, vanilla buttercream filling, chocolate truffle frosting and topped with our chocolate chip cookie bark

Caramelized Pear: Fresh pear cake, vanilla buttercream filling, whipped caramel buttercream, drizzled with our home made caramel sauce

You Look Marbleous! Vanilla and chocolate cake, chocolate truffle filling, combo of chocolate and vanilla buttercream frosting, with chocolate and white sprinkles

Red Velvet Lady: Southern red velvet cake, cream cheese frosting inside and out and topped with sprinkles

VERY Vanilla: Madagascar vanilla cake, with vanilla buttercream inside and out ā€¦ One of our classics and available every day!

Chocolate Truffle: Rich chocolate cake, with chocolate truffle inside and out ... One of our classics and available every day!


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